About me

My name is Joan Terol Amigó and I’m a musician from Reus (Catalonia), born on June 20th, 1985. I’m currently living in Amsterdam but I’m also very connected to the musical scene of Barcelona. At present, my main projects are the Maarten Hogenhuis Trio, Maartje Meijer QuintetTrempera!, Pablo Martínez Flamenco-Jazz Band and The BvR Flamenco Big Band in the Netherlands and STN!, Xavi Torres Trio and Els Tres Tenors in Catalonia.

During my musical career I had the opportunity to play as a sideman of jazz icons such as Benny Golson, Lee Konitz, Jorge Rossy, Jesse Davis, Maria SchneiderGrant Stewart, Dena DeRoseJoe Magnarelli, Perico SambeatAruán Ortiz and Carla Cook. I also had the chance to play with prominent musicians of the Dutch jazz scene like Ben van Gelder, Joris Roelofs, Reinier BaasBenjamin Herman, Jasper Blom and Miguel Rodríguez, and also from the Catalan and Spanish jazz scenes: Marco Mezquida, Joan Monné, Albert Bover, Raynald Colom, Marc Miralta, Ignasi Terraza, Llibert Fortuny, Horacio Fumero, Mario RossyEladio Reinón and Bob Sands.

My interest in music has always been present in my life because my mother combined her job of teaching Catalan language with her passion for singing in a choir in Barcelona and so, together with my family, I used to follow her in all her concerts since I was a kid. Though I probably liked music then, it was not until I was 14 years old that I started taking drum lessons at the school El Xilòfon in Reus. Following the musical steps of my older brother Pau Terol, a jazz pianist, in 2003 I moved to Barcelona to continue studying music, first at L’Aula de Música Moderna i Jazz and later at the ESMuC. In 2011 I decided to move to Amsterdam to pursue a master degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and, once I finished it, I established myself in the capital of the Netherlands, where I currently live.

– – –


I feel very grateful and fortunate for the life I’m living and so I’d like to deeply thank all the people who support me, love me and help me so much: my family, my friends everywhere, teachers I had throughout all my education periode and musicians, wherever you are. Thanks for the endless inspiration!